Global Greek Doctors' Institute

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Welcome to the Global Greek Doctros' Institute Website  

In Greece, the home of Hippocrates, father of modern Western Medicine, the harmonious matching of the anthropocentric science with the art of medicine and the philosophical thought has been first ever established, and the professional practice of medicine  has been documented through the ages on the basis of ethical principles and humanistic values. 

These humanitarian values and scientific principles nurture on our times the minds, scientific thought and medical practice of the Greek Doctors internationally, a high-quality global scientific potential scattered throughout the world.

The Global Greek Doctor's Institute aims to the emergence of the universality of Greek medical science and the reunification of the Greek medical scientific mind and potential through the international networking of Greek physicians who serve the patient  of the world, and share the wisdom of Health science by the very updated medical knowledge, unique breakthroughs and therapeutic innovations, and  the mind and body  approach to Health and Longevity wisdom